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Targeted Paid AdertisingWe know that Google is the king of search, and it’s well documented how upper search results acquire the bulk of profitable clicks for online searches. The difference between being found on the first page of Google and the second page can literally translate into thousands of Rands when dealing with cold hard statistics.

Google Adwords is an ideal marketing tool suitable for short and long term, instant online advertising campaigns that require quick set-up and measurable ROI.

Because of the targeted nature of  this PPC marketing, defining goals and conversions makes it easy to determine and justify the success of your online marketing campaigns.

  • Control Your Spend

    Control Your Spend

    Set your monthly campaign budgetary limits.

  • Monitor Progress

    Monitor Progress

    Keep track of campaign statistics and conversion goals.

  • Pay Per Click

    Pay Only for Clicks

    With Google Adwords you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.

19429846_sOnce off campaign set-up fee of R1500/campaign, and a set monthly fee of R750/campaign, regardless of the campaign budget.

Included in your campaign set-up fee is keyword research and generation, advert writing and landing page analysis and advice.

We monitor each campaign weekly to ensure optimal performance according to Google’s best practices. This ensures a good CTR (click through rate) and the best possible CPC (cost per click) across the campaign.

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