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Modern thinking design and development company in business since 2007, with over 40 years collective experience. We work with a wide range of clients from smaller start-up’s to established corporations.

Our services cover a wide spectrum of design and marketing solutions. We focus on individualized and personalised service towards our clients, and only take on projects that we can put our full passion, focus and energy into action. Without passion, there cannot be success, without energy there will be no progress, and we fully understand that when our clients are successful (which they are!) we are successful.

Ingrid Youell
Ingrid Youell | Chief Design Whip

A keen eye for detail and a passion for design and perfection, Ingrid’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations and designing master pieces. It’s been said that ‘Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood’, never a truer word.

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Gary Youell
Gary Youell | Technical Guru

When he’s not outdoors, Gary is usually thinking up new ideas to nab the top spot on the Entrepreneurs ‘Next Big Technology’ list. In the mean time he keeps the bits and bytes jumping around in an orderly fashion…

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Taryn Campbell-Allwright
Taryn Campbell-Allwright | Designer

Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, Taryn is a valued partner at Creating Solutions & her talent lies in her eye for detail & drive for perfection. Such attention to detail is probably borderline OCD, but we love it & wouldn’t change a thing!

Anoop Jain
Anoop Jain | Developer

Anoop is our Senior Development Programmer and SEO Expert. His technical know-how and thirst for knowledge is indispensable, which makes him an important all rounder and vital cog in the Creating Solutions set up.

A Little More About Us

We work individually with our clients to create a concept that will help the business grow and in the process build a relationship of trust. We are a highly focused and driven agency that focuses on design projects that we are passionate about.

We’ve worked with a very wide range of businesses, from small start-up businesses, to large corporations and have a broad range of skills to match to your needs. Our key focus is individual and personalized attention to our clients, creating amazing designs, websites and marketing solutions.

Our Core Services

Web Design
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
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